Madeira Airport Taxi
Madeira Airport Taxi
Madeira Airport Taxi

Madeira Airport Taxi

If you’re visiting the island of Madeira, one of Portugal’s autonomous regions, on vacation and are arriving through Madeira Airport then you will need transportation after your flight, so that you can get directly to whichever type of accommodation you are staying at.

One of the best ways to make the trip from the airport to the regional capital city of Funchal, or anywhere else on the island, is by getting a taxi once your flight has landed.

To do this, after you have gone through airport security and retrieved your bags, just look for signs in the airport that will direct you to the area where you can queue for a taxi. You can find this location on the main floor of the terminal building, outside of the arrivals section. Should you be unable to find this location, you can just ask a member of the airport staff and they will help you.

Taxis from the airport use meters, which means that the fare is based on how far you travel, with longer journeys costing you more. The base rate for a taxi from Madeira Airport starts at €4, and the average price for a ride into the center of Funchal should be roughly €30.

Several additional charges can apply for your taxi ride, for example you will have to pay an extra €1.50 for every item of luggage that you would like to take with you in the vehicle.

Additionally, fares increase by 20 percent from the €4 base rate if you are taking a taxi from Madeira Airport between the hours of 9pm or 6am, and this applies every day of the week. The same increase applies if your taxi ride is on a weekend or a public holiday as well.

The typical drive time between the airport and downtown Funchal is about 20 minutes, but it can be faster at quiet times like late at night, and slower if you’re driving at peak periods like rush hour.

Most of the taxis operating at the airport are four door cars that fit the driver and four passengers, but there are larger minivans available for groups of up to eight passengers if needed.

Taxis can pick up passengers from Madeira Airport 24 hours a day, every day of the week, so even if your flight is delayed and lands late at night or early in the morning you’ll be able to get a ride. Just be prepared for potentially having to wait longer for a taxi during those times.

It is possible to negotiate a fare with your taxi driver in advance, so you can ask about this possibility but make sure that you have agreed on the final price before the journey begins.

Tipping your taxi driver is not required by law and you should not give them anything for a journey that you believe was unsafe or overpriced. However, if you enjoyed your taxi ride then it can be a nice gesture to give your driver a cash tip in Euros that equals about 10 percent of the fare.

Madeira Airport Taxi info

The cost of a ride into the city center is not predetermined by the local drivers at Funchal Airport. Instead, a taximeter will be used to calculate your fare. While the typical cost of an airport ride from Madeira is €30, you will additionally be charged €1.50 for each item of luggage you carry.

Taxi Location

Taxi ranks are located at the arrivals area, outside the ground floor. Local taxis will always be available outside the airport terminal. Only 20 minutes are required to go from the Madeira airport to the city center of Funchal, and the fare is around €30 (taximeter-based).


(average charge – all included by a Madeira Airport Taxi) From Madeira Airport FNC.

(07:00 – 23:59)
Night time
(00:00 – 06:59)

Madeira Airport Taxi FAQ

Taxis that pick up at Madeira Airport all use meters, which means that the cost of the trip is calculated based on how far you travel, with longer trips being more expensive.

If you’re heading to the city center from the airport then you can expect the fare to cost about €30 but it might be higher or lower depending on where exactly your hotel is located.

Yes, the surcharge will be €1.50 for each individual item of luggage that you have.

This is certainly an option, so you could ask the driver if they are willing to accept a flat rate for the trip, but if they are not then you will have to accept them using the meter to charge you.

The city of Funchal is situated about 8.2 miles (or 13.2 kilometers) from Madeira Airport, and the taxi ride usually lasts about 20 minutes. It might take more time during rush hour and other busy periods, whereas it may be speedier if you’re traveling at quiet times like early in the morning.

No, there are no local laws or regulations that mandate you to give your driver a tip. However, if you think that you received a fast, safe and fairly priced taxi ride then it is considered courteous to tip your driver in cash, paying about 10 percent of the final fare in Euros. But if you believe that the journey was overcharged, unsafe or otherwise problematic then you should not leave a tip.

Yes, taxis operate at Madeira Airport each day of the week, 24 hours every day, so you should always be able to find a taxi to take you to wherever you might be staying on the island.

Booking ahead for your taxi will give you peace of mind that the ride is confirmed, and the driver will also track your flight and adjust their pickup time if you experience any delays.


(average charge – all included by a Private Transfer) From Naxos Airport.

Destination PRICE
Parikia Town (Capital) 48€
Naousa 57€
Paros Port 48€
Punta 44€

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